Creative problem solving

What is it I do?

Running a business can be isolating, are you struggling to get clarity and find a way out of a stressful situation? Or simply looking for some external perspective on the direction of your life and business?

I create solutions to those challenges, offering over 25 years experience in running SME businesses. With a background in marketing and business strategy, I help business owners clarify their objectives and find a positive work/life balance.

My clients have worked hard to build their businesses, I offer a creative dynamic that elevates the perception of their company. Bringing a sense of life and a fresh perspective, I clarify their goals/objectives and then create a strategy to achieve them.

This could be a short-term marketing project or a longer strategic role depending on the requirements of the client.

Take a listen

I have created a series of videos that will give you an insight into me and what I do. Also topical points of conversation that you may be able to relate too.

Have a listen and if you would like to know more I would be happy to help.