Creative Business Challenges

What is the process

The steps are simple but being able to extract, sort and create a vision for a problem is key. This is achieved by being able to see what others can not.

Through a process of extraction and understanding I create the thoughts that will guide a campaign, brand or program of activity. It is this ability to articulate your value proposition with clarity and strength that adds real value to your business.

Once the strategic direction has been collectively agreed I plan your communication activity to create an integrated structure.

My background

With a background in marketing, I have started run and managed several different businesses in my career. This requires certain characteristics such as motivation, enthusiasm and the ability to communicate with the world on all levels.

Above all I am a problem solver, offering over 25 years experience working with high-net-worth individuals, blue-chip companies and SME level organisations to help them decipher their vision.

I offer a creative dynamic that will elevate the perception of your company, bringing a sense of life and a fresh perspective. I will clarify your goals/objectives and then create a strategy to achieve them.